$35 for 6 Dance Classes  (See description below)

$65 for 8 Drumming classes  (See description below)

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*Parangello Players & The City of Sedona are subsidizing the balance of the costs with a City Grant and Community Fundraising

Description of 8 Drumming Classes

Korean Drumming Learning

Through these drumming classes, students will be able to experience not only the art of music and performance, but skills that can be applied to any form of work or art such as focus, creativity, communication, expression, teamwork, and simply being joyful. Drumming will help to balance the hemispheres of the brain as it exercises, and provides coordination and full control of the body. Through the expression of drumming and from the bold sounds of the the drum, students can feel a true sense of freedom, release stress, and truly gain confidence. They will also learn the meaning of the drums, the philosophies behind the different types of Korean drums and how they represent the growth of physical, emotional, and mental power. Through these classes, students will learn how to read and perform an entire piece, complete with beats, grooves, motions, dance, and team choreography.  As a drum team, students will learn to drum together and musically compliment each other which not only promotes team building in the performance, but teaches the life lesson of how one can act to continuously improve their surrounding environment and community.

I look forward to using drumming as a tool to bring happiness to the students as well as help them learn life skills and lessons to benefit themselves and those around them.      -Paul Yanson (Instructor)

Video Performance Link here   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrimvSJ1lVw

Description of 6 Dance Classes

(Two Age Groups Grades 1-4 and Grades 5-8)

These classes are designed to inspire creativity from within the heart of each student so they learn to connect mind, body and spirit.  The classes focus on creating within structure and without structure, so they understand the difference between taught dance steps and creating their own movements.  The younger age groups will be more structured as they naturally express themselves through their bodies.  The older students will be focusing more on the creative aspects of bringing forward their own personal expression through the body, freeing them to put themselves into the world with confidence and poise, feeling good about the truth of who they are.  This is the second session of this type of class, the first semester being a phenomenal success.

Maneesha McClure and Elyce Monet look forward to bringing these dance classes back with excitement and creativity.  They will be the lead instructors and will cross over teaching the classes to keep the classes fresh and new.

Video Performance Link from last semester:    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kRMnG4fzLlrFPzszEjGr70Xgvr9wdSsV/view?usp=sharing

*Parangello Players & The City of Sedona are subsidizing the balance of the costs with a City Grant and Community Fundraising



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