In the fall of this year, students GRADES 1-12 can attend West Sedona School to participate in an after-school program that will provide them training in the performing arts for 12 weeks, twice a week (24 Classes + 2 Performances)

The Cost to Parents is $125*

*Parangello Players & The City of Sedona plan to subsidize the other half of the cost of the program by a grant and fundraising.

Session 1:  Finding Your Voice!

Speaking the Truth/the inner and outer voice

Your Voice Matters/you are meant to be heard, so speak up!

Public Speaking/how to be in front of a group and manage fear

Vocal Development/using projection, diction, breathing, etc.

Singing and Expression/how to sing your emotions

Monologues for Performance/memorization and recitation

Speaking with Compassion/how to be kind with yourself and others

Session 2 – Creating Joy through Dance Expression!

          Your Body Is Talking/are you listening?

Emotions and Body are Connected/what is your body saying?

Structure and Confidence/standing tall under pressure

Finding Joy in Life/dancing like nobody is watching

Let Your Body Go/freedom of expression

Brain, Body & Emotions/anatomy and physiology of expression

Pre-Registration Form

(Payments can be made prior to Start of Program in Fall)

Payments can be made in part or in total on the Parent Account Payment Portal