Welcome!  The first question you might have is “What’s a Parangello?”  Parangello is a Greek word meaning “deliverers of a message from one in authority”.  Thus the byline, “Angels in the Game of Life”.

We are a nonprofit 501c3 whose purpose is to bridge major issues for Humanity through the arts, education and communications.  Whether it’s working with youth at risk, domestic violence issues, breaking down racial and cultural barriers, creating healing programs, or simply bringing joy through song, dance, drama, visual arts and speaking arts, we bring forth the spirit of community and oneness to inspire and empower people to be the best they can be.

We work with cities, communities and schools to bring arts education and performances that empower all age groups.  If you are interested in a private party performance, a school project, or a collaboration on an arts event, contact us at 928-282-1364.

We have been in existence since 1986 in Vancouver, Washington, where we operated Parangello Players Theater and Parangello Players Center for the Performing Arts, a school that trained thousands in Dance (ballet, jazz, ballroom, tap, HipHop)  Vocal Arts (voice for stage, singing technique & performance), Acting (private and group), Arts & Crafts, Fitness Arts (tumbling, Tai Chi) Junior Modeling, Stage Combat, Musical Theater Performance, and more.  There were 19 instructors at its peak.  The schools final task was working with the City of Portland on a Youth At Risk project in 1995.

The Theater Company produced 2 to 3 full plays (usually musicals) per year, with audiences amassing up to 2000 per run.  All shows were family oriented.  The Columbia Arts Center in Vancouver, Washington hosted our full length plays, while our Mystery Shows were mobile at country clubs and universities throughout the city and state.  The Clark County Arts Council awarded Parangello Players annually for its community service and its role in character building, skill building and support of children through the arts, as well as the great performances by our actors. Awards included Best Actor (A Christmas Carol) Best MakeUp (Sing A Song of Sixpence) Best Costuming (Sing A Song of Sixpence) and Outstanding Community Service almost every year!

After moving to California, Parangello Players’ CEO produced “Keeping It Real:  The Keys To Health & Happiness” at the Thousand Oaks Civic Auditorium where Dennis Prager, Mariel Hemingway and Robert Ferguson performed to an audience of 1800+.  It was dubbed, “Cirque du Soleil meets Dancing With the Stars” and included 5 time Latin World Champions Melissa Dexter & Giacomo Steggaglia and Cirque du Soleil performer Stephan Choiniere.  This V.I.P. event was sponsored by Gaiam International and Sweet Leaf Stevia.

Now we are in Sedona, Arizona!  Hello Magical Place!  We are happy to recreate the same models that were successful over the last 30 years by collaborating with other arts organizations and performers.  It is our joy to serve the City of Sedona and the State of Arizona, and we will continue to strive to create oneness in mind, body and spirit with all people with whom we play.