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Elyce Monet at the United Nations ... Press Release


What’s a Parangello?

“Parangello” (Puh rang′ guh lō) is a Greek word meaning “Deliverers of a message from one in authority”.  It is where we get our English word “Angel”.

A 501c3 Non Profit Organization founded by Elyce Monet in 1986 in the State of Washington, Parangello Players has been dedicated to arts education and community programs with the express intention of improving peoples’ lives and promoting strong family values and self esteem in participants.  Services were expanded into the State of California in 2000.


Our Mission

We believe that we can bridge major issues for humanity through the arts.  Whether it’s working with youth at risk, domestic violence issues, breaking down racial and cultural barriers, creating healing programs, or simply bringing joy through song, dance, drama, visual arts and speaking arts, we bring forth the spirit of community and oneness in all that we do. Entertainment can inspire and empower people to evolve to be the best they can be in a non-threatening, joyful way!  Our leaders are dedicated to their own physical, spiritual, mental and emotional growth and empowerment so they can embody the energy of that mission. 


Our History

Parangello Players launched as a theater company and arts school in the State of Washington in1986. Community Theater productions were produced at least twice a year and performed to audiences of up to 6000.  Parangello Players directors, producers, and many of its actors were presented with multiple awards from the Clark County Arts Council of Washington.  The productions were volunteer, and included up to 60 cast members between the ages of 4 and 84 per production.  The community was deeply in tune with the productions which were held at the Columbia Arts Center, and families created long-lasting memories of working together to uplift the community through fun, song, laughter and creativity.  Participants attribute the success of the theater endeavors to the love and camaraderie created in a deeply spiritual (yet nonreligious) context.

When funding became limited in 1993 as a result of the Gulf War, the doors to the school were closed.  Parangello Players then focused on private entertainment.  In 2000, the nonprofit was expanded to California, and in 2007 the first mind-body-spirit seminar of its kind, “Keeping It Real:  The Key to Health & Happiness”, was produced and performed before more than 1800 people in Thousand Oaks, California.  Speakers included national radio talk show host Dennis Prager on Happiness, Mariel Hemingway on Spirituality and Life, and Robert Ferguson on Health & Fitness.  It was touted as “Cirque du Soleil meets Dancing With the Stars”, and included a professional Cirque du Soleil performer, and the World Latin Dance Champions and their friends.  It was a unique new way of presenting education about personal happiness, health and spirituality, and was greatly enjoyed by all in attendance.  The event was sponsored by Gaiam, International and Sweet Leaf Stevia.

In 2009, Parangello Players launched the “Free To Be Me” Youth Program.  We are currently seeking grants for this national program which is complete with celebrity endorsement and participation, trainers, coaches and social documentation.  The program has proven, successful results.

Parangello Players is currently working on a new educational paradim that will be launched first in the U.S. and then globally..

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