Elyce Monet
President & Artistic Director

Larry Rosenberg
Vice President

Constance Patrick
Administrative Management

Rick Ward

Esther Henselmans

Sheila Knies

Jeanie Carroll
Vocal Performance Lead Instructor

Maneesha McClure
Creative Dance Instructor

Shana Eva

Acting Instructor

Shondra Jepperson

Guest Lead Instructor/Vocals, Acting

Danielle Glick

Asst Vocal & Acting Instructor

Elyce Monet, President & Artistic Director

Elyce Monet created Parangello Players in 1986 in Vancouver, Washington, operating Parangello Players Theater and Parangello Players Center for the Performing Arts, a school that trained thousands in Dance (ballet, jazz, ballroom, tap, HipHop)  Vocal Arts (voice for stage, singing technique & performance), Acting (private and group), Arts & Crafts, Fitness Arts (tumbling, Tai Chi) Junior Modeling, Stage Combat, Musical Theater Performance, and more.  There were 19 instructors at its peak.  The school’s final task was working with the City of Portland on a Youth At Risk project in 1995 with over 60 Middle School youth. The Theater Company produced 2 to 3 full plays (usually musicals) per year, with audiences amassing up to 2000 per run.  All shows were family oriented.  The Columbia Arts Center in Vancouver, Washington hosted our full length plays, while our Mystery Shows were mobile at Country Clubs and Universities throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The Clark County Arts Council awarded Parangello Players annually for its community service and its role in character building, skill building and support of children through the arts.

As an artist, Elyce has personally excelled, winning awards from music associations, including Rising Star Female Entertainer of the Year, Songwriter of the Year in 1995 and 1996, and Dancer of the Year in national Las Vegas Competitions.  She has written and recorded several CD projects in several styles, including country-funk, swing, and smooth jazz.  After moving to California, Elyce produced “Keeping It Real:  The Keys To Health & Happiness” at the Thousand Oaks Civic Auditorium where Dennis Prager, Mariel Hemingway and Robert Ferguson performed to an audience of 1800+.  It was dubbed, “Cirque du Soleil meets Dancing with the Stars” and included 5 time World Champion Latin Dancers Melissa Dexter & Giacomo Steggaglia and Cirque du Soleil performer Stephan Choiniere.  This V.I.P. event was sponsored by Gaiam International and Sweet Leaf Stevia.

Now in Sedona, Arizona, Elyce is happy to recreate the same models that were successful over the last 30 years by collaborating with other arts organizations and performers to bring to Sedona After-School Programs, Interactive Mystery Theater Events, and complete productions and new creative arts initiatives.

Larry Rosenberg, Vice President 

Larry J. Rosenberg, PhD (in Marketing), has spanned several genres; marketing professor, business consultant and coach, management trainer, holistic healer, and show business creator and performer.  He has been a Board Vice President for 6 years.

Larry’s 50-year-long professional career started as an Associate Professor of Marketing at New York University and University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Based in Tokyo, he was the Executive Director of University of Maryland University College’s International Business & Management Institute, for which he presented training programs to managers on five continents.

Larry is the Founder and CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of The Larry Show.  This venture provides Wisdomtainment (accumulated life wisdom and creative on-stage entertainment), through one-man musical shows, creative growth workshops, motivational speaking, and life coaching.  He has performed his one-man musical comedy shows more than 40 times in America, Australia and Scotland.

Larry earned a BS degree from Drexel University, and a MBA and Ph.D. degrees (in Marketing) from The Ohio State University. He has completed trainings on group dynamics, creativity, brain education, holistic healing, yoga teaching, integral philosophy, and spiritual awareness.

As a show business entrepreneur, writer and performer, Larry has been called the minister of joy, cheer-giver and poster boy of It’s never too late to revitalize your life. His message is how to live an authentic and fulfilling life by healing, growing and sharing oneself in order to contribute to a world of love, joy and peace

Constance Patrick, Boardmember

Constance (Connie) Patrick is not only a member of the Parangello Players Board of Directors, she is also an instructor.  After spending a number of years in Education as both a high school Instructor and Department Chair, Constance’s career navigated through several industries with Best Western Hotels International, Spiegel Catalog, AARP, National Catalog Corporation, Cendant Travel, McKesson Health Solutions, California State Automobile Association, and CVS/Caremark.  She honed her business acumen through customer service roles as Operations Manager, Regional Manager, and Director of Customer Service.  Her expertise in Training and Development contributed successfully to managing teams and meeting annual business goals.

Strengths in business include end-user operations and operational planning,  resource allocation, implementation and maintenance of “just-in-time” agents, training and facilitation, project management, customer relationship development, engagement in enterprise values and vision.  She has been a key contributor to customer service mastery programs, and was an  integral part of converting a contact center into a “Center of Excellence”.

But Connie is also adept at the Performing Arts.  An avid writer and performer of Poetry and Spoken Word, Connie is know throughout Sedona as one of the go-to talents for a host of shows of all kinds.

Constance has a B.A. in Education from Arizona State University, and advanced studies in English, Education and Psychology.

Along with her professional strengths, Constance participates in community initiatives: Habitat for Humanity, Walk for the Cure, United Way, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and annual drives to replenish local food banks.  She is an actress and poet, performing often at the Sedona Hub in Sedona, Arizona.  Her contributions to community earned her host companies valued recognition as Business Leader of the Year, and Governor’s Business Leader of the year.

Rick Ward, Boardmember

Rick Ward has more than 25 years of Executive Leadership, Business Development and Management experience at the Corporate and Private levels. He has a proven track record of success and is considered an insightful and progressive business development professional. 

Under Rick’s leadership his units at emerging market startups, MCI/ Verizon, Qwest/Century Link and XO Communications Companies experienced exponential growth in market share, sales, acquisition, service and distribution. His organizations were very efficient and well managed. Their net revenue growth consistently outpaced market expectations and was often rewarded and recognized as the model for success. 

Rick’s transferable skills in leadership, business and market development have allowed for the same success with new business ventures such as Skytel/Blackberry, Straightshot and Ipiphany mobile Communications Companies and Alternative Energy products company, Trusheen Nano Inc. (Rain X products)

As an entrepreneur in the Art Entertainment space with BTMB Entertainment, Rick saw an opportunity to restore the lost elements of music and its basic foundation of theory. This journey to Bring The Music Back/ BTMB to a common place of the much needed and learned form of expression has opened a door to, and shined a light on the issues of our society and the need for artistic expression as the healing force of humanity. Understanding and appreciating the origins of music is paramount to its sustained art form and building a bridge between traditional music and progressive beats for a shared experience has been the driven force behind BTMB. BTMB is a full service entity for music, artist development, music and film production, distribution and music business education.  BTMB artist and producers have seen their works get nominated for Grammy’s, picked up as pilots or bought as concepts.

Tireless, relentless and driven by success through servitude, Rick and his wife Rochelle give of themselves to various humanities and arts based nonprofit organizations. Rick’s belief is that “When YOU believe in your purpose to serve, go for it with faith and trust knowing through the spirit of service you are doing your part in making the world a better place”. 

Rick and Rochelle are affiliated with, members of, or board members for: 

WISE Place: Rehab and shelter for battered and abused women

Cayenne Wellness Center: Sickle cell research foundation

M.A.G.I.C Inc.: Academy of the Arts

Pacific Symphony: Orchestra foundation

ASCAP/ American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers

Esther Henselmans, Boardmember

Esther Henselmans is a member of the Parangello Players Board of Directors as well as an instructor.  As an artist, she will be focusing on combining forces with earth and mixed media art in order to assist youth to find their authentic selves.

Esther is known for her support of the arts in all mediums, particularly in theater, having worked for both Parangello Players and Red Earth Theater.  She is a consummate administrative support as well as having expertise in donor acquisition, raffles and silent auctions.  She has run two auctions for Parangello very successfully!

From the Netherlands, Esther still carries the “little dutch girl” personae and the hint of an accent that people cannot help but open up to with her big heart and interpersonal skills.  She is truly a find for Parangello Players, and we are very proud to have her join the Board!

Sheila Knies, Boardmember

Sheila Knies is a licensed high school Spanish teacher with a BA Degree from SUNY at New Paltz.  In addition, she studied in Spain at La Universidad de Oviedo.  She received her Masters Degree in Bicultural/Bilingual Education from the University of Texas in San Antonio.

After years of studying various forms of metaphysics, she organized psychic fairs in the New York area. A strong believer in education, Sheila founded Psychic Seminar where people could not only receive psychic readings, but they could also take spiritual awakening classes and attend regular lectures. Her own psychic gift allowed her to select psychic luminaries such as Suzane Northrop, John Edward (Crossing Over), Deanna Davino, Joyce Keller and many more to work at her functions. She was considered a pioneer while hosting one of the first, if not THE first metaphysical show on cable TV. She then went on to manage Body, Mind and Spirit, American Psychic Network, Psychic Discovery Network, Crystal Psychics and 1-800-Predict psychic lines.

The entertainment world seemed to go hand in hand with her life’s journey.  She managed Actor’s School for the Performing Arts for several years and eventually became part owner of the academy.  Starting Take One Talent Agency in southern Florida was her next step.  After 8 years of matching talent with casting companies, she moved to Hollywood, California and evolved into being a Casting Director herself.  Though she cast several types of projects, her specialty became casting kid’s commercials for several Fortune 500 companies.

Jeanie Carroll, Lead Vocal Instructor

Jeanie Carrollknown for being the K-8 Music Educator with the Sedona-Oak Creek School District for the last 17 years, has been a professional singer and musician for many years. She recently recorded the popular song Sedona Your Heart Is Mine written by composers Terrie Frankle and Fred Shinn which is available on CD & DVD on cd Baby and other websites. She has a successful DJ business called Arizona DJ Music & More! and is hired to provide music for ceremonies, receptions, parties, and corporate events. She is also a wedding officiant. Jeanie’s talents are extremely diverse as she enjoys performing a wide variety of music styles. You’ll find her singing barbershop harmonies with Red RockAppella, Big Band standards with Sentimental Journey, Choral Music with the Flagstaff Master Chorale as well as in popular duos and combos. Summer 2015, she performed at the St. Louis Cabaret Conference under the tutelage of Marilyn Maye and Peisha McPhee. “What an incredible experience!”  She also loves acting and has appeared in several FLOC and Theatrikos productions. In November, she will a townsperson in “Brigadoon” in Flagstaff. An avid she has a degree in French with minors in Spanish and Italian and has lived and performed in France, England and all over Europe. Jeanie created the Annual International Festival Of Food & Song where her young K-5 students sing in foreign languages as Ambassadors of Peace representing various countries. 

Jeanie is bringing Vocal Performance to our Arts After School Program and we are delighted to have someone of her experience and caliber working with our children!

Maneesha McClure, Creative Dance Instructor

Maneesha McClure is a world-renowned dance and transformation therapist. She has extensively trained in Expressive Dance, Therapeutic Hypnosis, Inner Child and many other therapies, including Metaphysical Reading, Metaphysical Energy, Emotional Freedom, and Subtle Body Healing. She has been on the path of meditation since 1973. For many years, Maneesha has been offering groups, classes, trainings and individual sessions in Europe, the USA, China and India with her work, Dance Energy Transformation, a life-changing process using the power of Expression of dance, self-acceptance through the heart and meditation as a therapeutic process.  Maneesha lives in Sedona, Arizona, USA, and is the director of The Institute for Dancing.

Shana Eva, Acting Instructor

Shana Eva was born with a passion for the Performing Arts. By the age of three, she began her studies in various forms of expression such as creative writing, dance, cheerleading, singing and acting. As a teenager, she was captain of her competitive Hip Hop dance team and found great joy in co-creating with her peers. By 18 years old, Shana began teaching dance and acting to youth ages 5 to 15 while simultaneously working as a professional actress in the local Miami area. After several years, however, she felt it time to try her skills in the “big leagues” and relocated to Los Angeles, California in pursuit of further opportunities. Once acclimated, Shana was fortunate to find early success in the entertainment industry and continued her collegiate studies in theater and music. She regularly performed with her sketch comedy troupe, “Dirty Cues”, whose viral sketches earned millions of views and a slew of media attention including, Entertainment Tonight and BuzzFeed. She continued to book roles in various films, commercials, TV shows and music videos, allowing her to work alongside such notable names as, Amy Schumer (Trainwreck), Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin), and Burt Reynolds.

Currently, Shana hosts her own Blogtalk radio show called, “Heart On Radio”, where she uses her background in comedy to offer a light-hearted approach to the exploration of spiritual topics. She continues to work as an actress and film writer with several major projects in development. Shana’s mission is to aid in the evolution of humanity through the creation of conscious media. She is determined to bring inclusion and diversity to mainstream media and finds it detrimental to the positive development of youth and society worldwide. Above all, she believes, as we open our hearts in love and service to others, we will unlock Heaven on Earth.

Shondra Jepperson, Acting & Vocals Instructor

Shondra Jepperson is an Alumnus of the Juilliard School of Drama with an impressive resume as an actor, singer, voice over artist, songwriter and producer with performance credits of 42 years in the entertainment business. She is also co-founder of popular on-going Sedona Youth Theatre and a master voice, acting, performance & life coach with her own private practice. Dozens of students coaching with her have been awarded scholarships into drama conservatories, won singing contests & pageants and many are now performing professionally. Finding Your Voice is a program she first developed for Experience Yourself Women’s Retreats held in Arizona and Canada annually for several years. For more info visit ShondraMusic.com.

Danielle Glick, Asst. Instructor

Danielle Glick is a talented singer/songwriter and actress.  She is known in the community for various roles in productions throughout Sedona and the Verde Valley.  She says she has always known she wanted to be a singer and actress!  She has studied with high level instructors Shondra Jepperson and Carol Shive. “Over the years I’ve spent countless hours working on my voice- whether that included self-work or work with many fabulous teachers- including Shondra Jepperson and Carol Shive, who was Grammy nominated with the Mahavishnu Orchestra and worked with many well known names such as Elvis Presley and Diana Ross. As well as vocal training, I have been trained in general teaching techniques- having taken an educations professions class where I worked with young children and experienced the beauty that exists in such open, fresh minds. I am delighted to help surface the creativity and talents in the children with whom I work.”